In need of an awesome Kip? 

Lack of sleep? Restless? Have you ever stopped to think It could be your mattress?

Orthokinetic Mattress

Well, this was certainly the case for me. I decided it was time to upgrade my mattress and buy something suitable to my needs and help seek that elusive good nights sleep!

So, where do you start one asks? There are so many mattresses on the market, from so many stores and really the options are almost endless! Almost…. I decided I needed a tick list.

I wanted to make sure that what I was going to purchase, suited all my needs and most importantly Budget.

So, with this in mind, pen and paper in hand, I started with the following:

1. Comfort, plush and breathable 

2. No sagging over time

3. Height 

4. Long warranty

5. Price

6. A little luxurious 

Orthokinetic Mattress

So, after doing some research, I found Super Amart have a new range of Orthokinetic mattresses. These are engineered to give you the ultimate combination of plush comfort and personalised support. The ingenious design of the coils allows them to respond individually to your unique shape, which helps to eliminate partner disturbance. 

Not wanting to rush into this decision and certainly make the right choice for me, I headed to my local store. I was approached by kind staff and even more pleasantly surprised a specialist staff member to help me with my challenge of seeking the perfect mattress. I tested several in the range and as I did, I was shown how my body posture was being effected by each one! 

I was astonished as I layed there realising what each mattress did and how it shaped my body. Without getting too technical, there are so many factors in choosing the right one for you, but without this expertise, the decision would not have been so simple & easy. And yes, I found it….WOW! I felt it immediately as soon as I lay down.  

I am now pleased so say that I am now the proud owner of a divine, luxurious and plush Orthokinetic mattress. After a week of what feels like I’m literally sleeping on a cloud, I can actually say, I don’t wake up with any lower back pain (was an issue before) and I have slept solid every night without waking once during the evening. 

These Orthokinetic new generation mattresses have an extensive range in store and is endorsed by the Chiropractic and Osteopathic College of Australasia and comes with a 10 year warranty.  Options range from Medium, Support or Plush.  I personally chose the Ultra Stratus Plush and so thrilled with my decision.

All mattresses in the Orthokinetic Next Generation range are available exclusively at Super Amart.  Be sure to use the links below to research your ideal mattress and the amazing benefits the Orthokinetic mattresses offer.

Orthokinetic Mattress

Visit a store and experience for yourself the superior support and comfort of the Orthokinetic mattresses.


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